Thursday, March 18, 2010

Carbquik Baking Mix - Oh Yes!

Biscuits, pancakes, muffins, brownies, cookies...oh my! And LOW CARB! Carbquik to the low carbers rescue. I finally broke down and ordered a box. Okay, it's not Bisquick, but it's darn close. Seriously. 2 net carbs for biscuit. 4 net carbs for a pancake. I can live with this a couple of times a week and keep my daily intake of carbs under 20. There are lots of flexible options available with this miracle baking mix, and I plan to do a great deal of experimenting. I can't wait to alter my supper popover recipe.

The first day we made biscuits. Actually, DH made the biscuits while I scrambled up some eggs. The biscuits looked like the English version - flat as a cookie, but they tasted good with butter and sugar free jelly spread on top. Yum! DH is making a batch right now. I can hardly wait for breakfast.

Yesterday we made pancakes. They tasted like...pancakes! Both recipes required more water than the recipe called for, so use your judgement. The only major difference I noticed was that the pancakes were thin. I used Smuckers SF syrup (careful, careful on the amount). They were so good.

I decided to experiment last night and make brownies. The brownies turned out good, but not quite chocolaty enough. I used the Carbquik brownie recipe and a Ghirardelli dark chocolate baking bar. I altered the ingredients a bit. 1 1/2 cups of Carbquik instead of 2. Two tbsp. of vanilla DaVincis instead of 2 tsp. vanilla. One tbsp. of real mayo (for moisture -read that they were a bit dry). I'm going to order the chocolate DaVincis syrup and try it in the brownie mix for a more chocolaty taste.

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