Monday, April 12, 2010

What's In Your Freezer?

I've been rather busy this weekend, and payday comes in the middle of the week, so this week it's all about what's in the freezer. I'm learning to pick up extra meat when it's on sale. This keeps my freezer full of choices when life gets busy. I also keep around bags of steamable vegys.

This morning I pulled out pork chops for dinner. I poked around my freezer and discovered hamburger patties, steaks, a roast, pork loin, and Bratwurst sausage DH must have bought because I will never, ever eat it. I think that will cover us for a few days.

I have some vegys I need to cut up and steam before they go bad. Actually, I better check -they might already be gone. Yikes! I'm terrible when it comes to using up the fresh vegys I buy. Frozen bags work for me.

Strawberries are the lowest carb fruit, and even lower than many vegys. Recently strawberries have been on sale. I bought several packages for .99 cents each! Strawberries for dessert! Sometimes they are sweet, sometimes not. If not, I'll sprinkle a little Splenda on them and let them sit. Not too much though, Splenda does have carbs.

Tip 1: Pick up meat when it's on sale and throw it in your freezer.
Tip 2: Keep frozen steamable vegys in your freezer.
Tip 3: When you get too busy to plan -raid your freezer!

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