Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Diabetes Sucks

My blood sugar is 268. I feel like a wet mop. Diabetes sucks. I'm struggling to get it back together and under control. I've done it before, but can I do it again?

This time I'm older. I'm struggling with weight, asthma, menopause, migraines, and stress. I'm a hot mess. I'm on insulin and fast acting insulin and a pill, and now my doctor tells me my cholesterol is high and my white blood cell counts are elevated. I never learn, do I?

Or I never keep it up and follow through. I go for so long before I peter out. Hit. The. Wall.

That wall hurts!

So here I go again. For the gazillionth time. I want to triumph. I really do, but it's so damn hard.

This time I'm trying some of the low carb My Fit Foods. Doctor recommended. Outrageously expensive. At least they taste good.

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Lavender Crunch said...

How are you doing? I haven't checked on your blog in awhile. It is hard to stay low carb all the time!! Good for us, yes. Majorly beneficial for us, absolutely. But still hard. I don't have insulin or any condition that warrants eating lc - I just know carbs are poison! Hugs to you and hope you're doing well.