Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Low Carb Revival

Confession time: I fell off the low carb wagon. Lift just got in the way. Let me tell you what happens when you are diabetic and you stop eating low carb:
1. You get fat.
2. You get sick with infections.
3. Your vision gets wonky.
4. You feel tired all the time.
5. Your quality of life goes down hill.
How did I let this happen? Well, it didn't happen overnight. It was a slow burn to hell. One day I woke up, and was startled to realize how bad I felt, how much weight I gained back, and how I couldn't see small print anymore. A trip to the doctor confirmed that my sugar levels were up (not that I didn't already have that one figured out).
So it's time to pull myself together and recharge my low carb batteries. It's time to go back to planning and cooking. It's hard, because really, DH whines about the lack of variety (no matter how hard I worked to make sure we had variety). And the kids refuse to eat what we eat (so the work doubled for me). I need to find a compromise. I also need to find quick, satisfying meals. We are on the go a lot. I don't always have time to cook an elaborate meal. I need quick, easy, and satisfying. I think I also need a month long menu to keep variety in our diet.
I also need to revive this blog. It keeps me accountable. Please come by and whip up on me if I don't post. Life is too precious to lose it over a cherry filled donut.

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