Sunday, July 15, 2012

Return of Low Carb Underground

I'm back! If you read my last few posts, you will see that after losing 50 pounds, I hit a stall wall. I couldn't find a way around, under it, over it, or thru it. After months of seeing absolutely no results, I began to slip down the slippery slope of carb eating evil. I gained it all back, plus some! Not good, right? After a year of going back to the devil, I began to lose weight eating anything I wanted. Oh, I would have a low carb day here and there. I even avoided flour and sugar (most of the time), but I didn't pass up the desserts on goody day at work, or miss out on a bowl of ice cream when I was in the mood for it. But I was losing weight!

You guessed it. High blood sugar = unhealthy weight loss. My vision went wonky again. I was tired, sick, and suffering from recurrent yeast infections. I lost almost all of the weight I gained, but not in the right way. My blood sugar is officially out of control. And here I am again. I now resolve to eat low carb even if I stall! It's not just about weight loss anymore, it's about my health. Sugar is the devil incarnate. It's evil. It's toxic poison and I'm determined to get it out of my system. So here I go again, but this time, it's for a lifetime.

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