Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Are Freezer Vegetables Healthy?

Yes. IF you make them yourself.

Let me explain. I like convenience in a microwave package. Just like everyone else, I'm in a hurry all the damn time. Grabbing a bag of vegetables out of the freezer and popping them into the microwave makes my life easier. So I didn't think twice about buying vegetables out of the frozen food section of the supermarket. I just assumed (and we know what that means) that my freezer vegetables were just vegetables (and perhaps EVOO, butter, herbs, and spices).

So in my quest to go very low carb again, I decided to take a look at the carbs on the frozen vegetables I have in the freezer - you know, just to make sure. SHOCK! Why didn't I look before now? Fourteen carbs for a half cup serving! Say what? How is that possible? There's a smidgeon of carrots in there, but really, FOURTEEN carbs? Really? So what gives?

The words "fructose, corn starch, and modified" were enough to have me running for the hills. And that's just the beginning of the list. What possessed the food companies to load a bag of healthy vegetables with a bunch of unhealthy crap? And how dare they put the word "healthy" on the box when clearly it's not!

Moving on to plan B: I'm going to make my own freezer bag vegetables (as soon as my Foodsaver arrives). I'm dreaming up vegetable combos, and searching for herbs and spices to complement my healthy freezer vegetables. This is how I see it: one day, lots of veggies, chop, bag, add spices (and EVOO or butter), suck out the air, freeze (in a steamer bag). Who needs Green Giant? I can spend one day making a month's worth of vegetable freezer bags. The end result: a healthier, happier me. I'll post my vegetable combos soon, so stay tuned.

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