Sunday, April 7, 2013

The One Week Fast Diet

I've done this before, and now, I'm going to do it again. I've lost 7 to 10 pounds more than once eating this way for a week. I don't recommend it as a forever diet (it would get quite boring), but it's a good jump start for losing weight and getting back onto low carb.

This is the PLAN:

1. On Sunday, I'm going to bake enough chicken for lunch and dinner for the week. I plan to line a baking pan with foil, and fill the pan up with chicken breasts. I'm going to fold the foil to make sections in order to keep one recipe from seeping over to another recipe. In order to create variety, I will season the chicken breasts in different ways. I'm making enough for DH and I, so I've decided to use five different recipes for 20 pieces of chicken (4 pieces per day).

  • Tex-Mex - Season each breast with low carb taco seasoning. Top with diced onion and bell pepper on top of each piece before baking. When you're ready to warm it up in the microwave, add a little Mexican cheese blend.
  • Garden - Season each breast with Greek Seasoning. Top with diced onion, bell pepper, tomato, squash and zucchini. Add a slice of cheese when you warm up your chicken for your meal.
  • BBQ - Spoon a little low carb BBQ sauce onto each breast.
  • Italian - Season each breast with Italian seasoning. Spoon a little low carb pasta sauce of your choice over each breast. When you warm up your chicken for your meal, add mozzarella cheese.
  • Bacon Wrap - Season each breast with salt and pepper. Wrap the chicken breasts in bacon. I'm going to bake the bacon wrapped chicken in a different pan to keep the grease from the other breasts. I might top it with some cheese when I warm it up during the week.
2. For breakfast, I plan to have eggs and bacon or sausage each morning. It's our standard fair anyway.
3. I've bought a bunch of small cans (8 oz.) of low carb vegetables (a lot of green beans) to go with my chicken, but DH wants me to pick up the small packages of frozen microwavable veggies for him. 
4. So...for an entire week, I will live off of chicken, veggies, eggs, bacon, and sausage. No bread, sugar, flour, or processed carbs. 
5. Need a little something extra? I'll allow myself a small helping of nuts, pepperoni slices, ham cubes, cheese, deviled eggs, and protein shakes to cut the edge of hunger (if I get hungry). I'm going to try to avoid snacking, but better these snacks that hitting the snack machine in desperation! Desperation usually means I'm stressed to the max.

This is my chicken and green beans diet! Haha! Every time I've done this, I've lost weight. I'm looking forward to wearing my pants comfortably again.

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