Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lose 14 pounds by February 14th - Valentine's Day

Join Low Carb Friends 14 by 2/14 weight loss challenge. This averages out to about 2 pounds a week for healthy, reasonable goal. We post our weight each Friday, and work to motivate and encourage each other.

A few tips for the challenge:

1. Log in daily and post. This helps to keep you on track and motivated.

2. Try a VLC (very low carb) plan. I'm eating 20 below carbs a day (healthy carbs from vegetables), plenty of protein and fat, and drinking water.

3. Get up and move. Take a walk, hit the gym, dance around your living room. Move, move, move.

4. Try to avoid snacking. If you eat enough protein and fat, you shouldn't feel hungry. If you do feel hungry, make a few eggs (hard boiled, scrambled, deviled). Eggs are great for cutting hunger.

5. Plan your meals ahead, especially for days when you are in a hurry and on the go. Thinking ahead will help you to avoid falling off the wagon.

6. Post a positive saying and your goal on your bathroom mirror.

7. Throw your stinkin' thinkin' in the garbage can. Negative garbage in = negative garbage out. Keep your thoughts, words, and company positive.

8. Tell yourself that sugar is crack. It's bad for you. It makes you sick and fat.

9. Instead of indulging in a chocolate bar when you feel stressed, indulge in a chair massage.

10. Remember you are on a lifelong journey, not a diet. This is a way of life. The benefits outweigh the struggles. Hang in there!

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